Teaching Imam Khomeini’s Last Will requires method

Teaching Imam Khomeini’s Last Will requires method

Fatima Tabatabaei, the daughter-in-law of the founder of Islamic Republic says teaching his last will requires special method and manner.

The head of department of mysticism of Imam Khomeini College and research center made remarks while addressing a gathering of students, lectures and professors. 

She went onto say that several concept needs to be clarified and an atmosphere of solidarity, harmony and coordination is needed before lecturers start teaching the various parts of Imam’s last testament and Will. 

For an instance, Imam Khomeini has put too much emphasis on Hadith Thaqlain which means that the real understanding of Qurainc comprehension would be impossible without their recognition and consulting to their guidance, the intellectual noted.

She also suggested that the Last Will by the great Imam should be included in curriculum of the universities. Fatima Tabatabaei added that the graduates are destined to assume responsibilities and would become high ranking officials in near future. So it was necessary to become acquainted and familiar with Imam’s genuine teachings and dynamic thought. 

The intellectual also recounted that once late Sadegh Tabatabaei had arranged a student visit to Imam’s historic simply built residence to make them acquainted with the atmosphere of mercy and kindness prevailing at the time of the emergence of the Islamic Revolution.

According to Imam’s daughter-in-law, it was essential for university students and gradeuates to gain knowledge of atmosphere and circumstances surrounding the Islamic Revolution and Imam’s works. 

Several of works including ‘Forty Hadith’ left by Imam Khomeini contain mystical treasures and the great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon various issues with genuine Islamic approach. 

Some of his valuable mystical and spiritual works consist of Misbah al-Hidayah, an exposition on forty Hadiths, the hosts of intellect and ignorance, discipline of prayers, secret of prayers and several others.

His dynamic mystic and religious thought would continue to spiritually guide and transform the truth-seekers for the coming periods and centuries.

Dozens of Imam's works have been translated in several languages over the past years and are widely welcomed by a various range of readers across the globe.

The great leader's genuine teachings and works would continue to guide the generations to come in coming decades. 

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