Iraqi minister visits institute stall at book exhibition

Iraqi minister visits institute stall at book exhibition

Iraqi Culture Minister Faryad Rawanduzi has visited a stall set up by the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works at the international book fair in Tehran.

The minister was briefed about Imam Works which have been translated into to several languages in recent years. 

He also noted that Imam’s books are available in Arabic language and are being displayed at exhibitions in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and the holy city Najaf.

The minster, who has well command over some languages, has also studied Imam Khomeini’s works in Persian language as well . 

The top Iraqi official also said that Imam Khomeini doesn’t only belong to the Iranian nation, but has been a universal figure who will be remembered by history forever. 

Earlier, Iraqi Culture Faryad Rawanduzi said that Tehran International Book Fair is considered as a cultural bridge between Iran and the world countries.

Talking to IRNA, Rawanduzi made the remarks while touring the 28th Tehran International Book Fair currently underway in Tehran.

He stressed that the exhibition is considered as a huge cultural event in Islamic world. 

The 28th Tehran International Book Fair opened to the public Wednesday morning.

The exhibition was officially inaugurated by President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday morning.

The event is highly popular in Iran and is keenly welcomed by visitors from all over the country.

The annual book event which enjoys an international prestige will be open to public visit until May 16.

The 28th Tehran International Book Fair with the motto ‘Reading, Conversing with the World’ will be held on May 6-16 at Imam Khomeini Prayer Ground in Tehran with the participation of 65 countries.

Millions of people visit the fair each year, including thousands of university students and scholars families. The fair is currently the most significant cultural event in Iran.

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