Muslims must return to Imam Khomeini’s teachings

Muslims must return to Imam Khomeini’s teachings

A European Muslim scholar suggests that the Muslim should return to Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought which represent genuine Islam

Abdurrahman Mahalafi Sheikh said in an interview that the founder of the Islamic Republic raised awareness among the Muslims how to distinguish between the genuine teachings and false ideas being promoted in the Islam.

The following is a brief transcript his precious interview:

Q: How do you asses Imam Khomeini’s efforts in raising awareness among Muslims?

Abdurrahman:  Imam Khomeini introduced the real and genuine version of Islam and taught the Muslim how to distinguish between real and unreal and genuine and false. Some Salafist groups are promoting wrong teachings and features in the name of Islam these days. These extremist groups are playing into hands of world colonial and exploiting powers. These groups don’t represent real Islam, but instead are endangering and defaming Muslims.

Q: How could be these extremist groups be countered and confronted?

Abdurrahman:  The real solution is to make a return to Imam Khomeini’s dynamic teachings and ideals which represent the real divine religion of Islam. He said Muslims can wake up from sluggishness by consulting to Imam’s genuine thought. The Muslim must also establish a comprehensive Islam teachings and expand their academic and research works in several other fields. 

The scholar also emphasized that the Muslims also needs some types of lobbying groups which could support and back their cause and purpose in the Western countries.

The scholar said he was just 24-year-old when the Islamic Revolution emerged victorious in 1979. He concluded that the Islamic revolution is growing and getting stronger by passage of time despite the opposition by the world colonial powers.

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