I am Missing Dr. Chamram: Imam Khomeini

I am Missing Dr. Chamram: Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, has had deep affection and respect for Dr. Chamran.

Mostafa Chamran (8 March 1932 – 20 June 1981) was an Iranian scientist who served as first defense minister  and as member of parliament following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq’s imposed war against  Iran.

One day Haj Ahmad Aqa, the elder son of Imam Khomeini called the Command Headquarters for Warfare in Ahwaz from the Imam’s Office in Tehran and said that the Imam had mentioned that he had not seen Chamran for a long time and that Charmran ought to come to Tehran.

On hearing this message, Dr. Chamran who was in those days wounded in the leg in the Susangerd warfront, came to Tehran to meet the great Imam.

Dr. Chamran briefed Imam about the developments of the imposed war through charts and maps of the operation areas.  

Sources say Imam has had great respect and deep affection for Chamran.

He was martyred at a warfront in 1981 during the war which was imposed by former dictator Saddam and his colonial backers.


Imam issued the following message after Chamran martyrdom.


Dear Chamran spent a lifetime- from start to end with a grand divine purpose and a pure and untainted ideology. The text of the message comes as following:


Date: June 22, 1981 [Tir 1, 1360 AHS/ Sha`ban 19, 1401 AH [

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Occasion: Martyrdom of Mustafa Chamran, the Imam's representative in the Supreme Defense Council

Addressees: The Iranian and Lebanese nations and the family of Martyr Chamran

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

" Verily, to God we belong and to Him we shall return."

I offer my condolences and felicitations to the supreme presence of the Imam of the Age- may our souls be sacrificed for him- over the inspiring martyrdom of Dr. Mustafa Chamran, the great commander of Islam and the alert combatant committed to the sublime path, who has left us for the higher angelic realms.

Condolences because our nation that nurtures committed martyrs has lost a soldier who has created legends, both, in Lebanon and in Iran in the battles of truth against falsehood. And Dr. Chamran's main ideal was striving for precious Islam and for the victory of truth over falsehood. He was a pious combatant and a committed teacher, the likes of whom our country dearly needs. And felicitations, because the grand) school of (Islam presents such children to the oppressed masses and nations and nurtures commanders like him in its lap. After all, what is life without an ideology and striving for its cause?!

Dear Chamran spent a lifetime- from start to end - with a grand divine purpose and a pure and untainted ideology without attachment to any political groups and bands. His life was dedicated to gaining the light of divine knowledge and earning proximity to God and he strove on that path and sacrificed his life for it. He lived and died in honor and attained to the Truth.

True virtue calls for the art of striving for God without any political hullabaloo and satanic self-exhibition as well as sacrificing oneself for one's ideals instead of caprice. And this art belongs to the men of God!

He reached Divine Presence honorably. May his soul be joyous and may he fondly be remembered! But can we also attain such virtue? It is for God to take us by the hand and to liberate us from the darkness of ignorance and egotism! I offer my condolences to the noble nations of Iran and Lebanon, and in fact to all the Muslim nations, the armed forces, the combatants on the path of truth, as well as the family of this precious soldier. And I pray to God Almighty to shower His mercy upon him and to grant patience and reward to his honorable survivors.

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

                        Sahifeh, vol41, Page: 408-409

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