Unity Will Confront Occupation and Colonialism

Unity Will Confront Occupation and Colonialism

The founder of the Islamic Republic recommended the Muslim world to unite in order to confront occupation and colonialism.

Imam Khomeini, the world spiritual and religious leader used to emphasize unity among Muslim ranks to confront the aggressive and apartheid policies of the Israeli regime.

Imam once said in his historic message that the Muslim nations and governments become unite to confront the Israeli occupiers and their backers.

Imam declared last Friday of Ramadan as an international Quds Day to defend the rights of oppressed nations and revived the Palestinian's rights.

Imam’s initiative took the Palestinian issue to the world stage and raised awareness among the Muslims and world's oppressed nations.

The great world leader stood against all colonial and aggressive powers who were violating the basic rights of other nations.

Imam Khomeini also suggested forming an international party of the world oppressed people which could include people from all walks of life regardless of their faith and ethnicity.

Imam Khomeini sought to unite Christians, Jews, Muslims and followers of all other divine religion under the banner of monotheism.

Imam Khomeini undoubtedly is considered as the greatest supporter of the oppressed people in the contemporary history.

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