Imam Recommended Coordination among Institutions

Imam Recommended Coordination among Institutions

The founder of the Islamic Republic recommended officials to abide by law and coordinate in order to strengthen the various institutions.

Imam Khomeini often in his speeches, messages and works emphasized that judiciary, government and parliament must abide by law and no institutions should meddle in each other affairs. 

The great leader also usually used to emphasize during meetings with senior officials to coordinate in order to strengthen all institutions. 

Imam Khomeini established very strong institutions following the victory of the Islamic Revolution under his leadership in 1979. These institutions guarantee the establishment of strong democracy in Iran.

Iran has held several presidential and parliamentary elections over the past 36 years following the overthrow of western backed Shah Regime.

The world spiritual and religious leader established Islamic-democratic system which brought prosperity for the coming generations. The Islamic Revolution also strengthened the oppressed nations around the globe.

Imam Khomeini’s Islamic movement raised awareness among nations across various parts of the world. 

The Islamic Revolution proved to be a very progressive system which promoted human rights, civil liberties and divine and human values in contemporary era.

Imam changed the balance of power when the whole world had been divided into eastern and western blocs.

The world spiritual leader relieved the world nations from clutches of colonialism and oppressive powers.

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