Let me face the danger alone

In Paris on the day before we were scheduled to depart to Tehran, the Imam asked everybody who were present in the place of residence to go to his home. We were about twenty of us who went to his residence. The Imam gave us a piece of advice, then prayed to God and after expressing his gratitude stated: “You should not to be with me on the same plane because there is a threat. Please let me face this threat alone.” There was a great emotional reaction to this statement and everybody began to cry and assert vociferously: “May our inconsequential lives be sacrificed for the cause of Islam and the Revolution; permit us to be with you.” In our midst there was a driver who hailed from the town of Garmsar and who had managed to escape from the clutches and cruelty of the Shah’s ‘SAVAK’ secret service and the monarchy regime and had arrived in Paris to be with the Imam. This man, who demanded to be with the Imam on the same plane cried intensely and then he fainted. This scene deeply affected the Imam and thus he allowed the man to travel with him on the same aircraft.

Name of the narrator: Marziyeh Hadidchi, Huzoor Journal, no. 167.

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter two, page 144


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