Imam’s punctuality and self-discipline were uniquely admirable

The great founder of Islamic republic had full control over his behavior even in tough and critical situations

Among the personality traits of Imam, as a prominent seminary teacher, was that he had attached double significance to his career in teaching seminary courses. 

Imam’s punctuality was such that all his lectures in the class were being done at exactly the time he had arranged it without missing a single minute.  

Faidhiyyah or Theological School of Qum was one of the then centers for training the clergy and Imam was one of its reputed teachers.

Imam's seminary life was coincident with repressing people by the cruel and savage agents of the regime, which had a negative perspective towards religious personalities.

I remember one day the agents of ‘Savak’ (the Shah’s secret police) barged in Faidhiyyah to humiliate and frighten us.

In that critical situation we could never think of our own class and the lessons we had to study, but the Imam, regardless of all things and the mess, came on the dot as usual and started his profession right there in the seminary yard before the agents!

Narrated by: Ayatollah Hossein Nouri,

Zan-e Rouz journal, no. 851

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