I am deeply impressed by Imam Khomeini life style: Belarusian official

I am deeply impressed by Imam Khomeini life style: Belarusian official

A senior Belarusian official says he is deeply impressed by simple life- style of the founder of the Islamic Republic or Iran.

Alexander vladimirvitch, the attorney general of Belarus made remarks while visiting Imam Khomeini’s historic simply built residence in Jamaran, a district in northern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The top official added while the whole world is after adopting a luxurious life style, Imam Khomeini had opted to live a simple life.

This all has influenced me deeply, the official emphasized.

He also emphasized on increasing and enhancing bilateral ties between the two nations. The official also noted there are too many similarities between the Iranian and Belarusian judicial system.

 Imam Khomeini, the great leader opted to reside in a simply-built house following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in more than three decades ago.

The official and delegation along him also paid a visit to art gallery which contains several images, painting, and documents reflecting the historic passage of the Islamic Revolution. Each of these objects bears a description and show the history of the greatest movement of the twentieth through the years.

The art gallery also contains a video library and virtual electronic tours about the Islamic Revolution, key personalities and events.

The visiting guests are usually briefed about the key events which led to the downfall of monarchy and victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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