Imam Khomeini furthered Imam Sadiq’s school of thought

Imam Khomeini furthered Imam Sadiq’s school of thought

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to insist on the following the teachings of Imam Sadiq (PBUH A) and his school of thought.

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic address that he is honored to be a follower of Imam Sadiq (PBHH), the succor of the holy prophet of Islam.

"We are honored to say that our religion is Ja’fari. Our jurisprudence, which is an endless sea, is the result of Imam Sadiq’s endeavor, we are proud to be the followers of the innocent Imams.”

The founder of the Islamic Republic called Iran as Imam Sadiq’s land as his divine values promoted by him are widely practiced and observed here. 

"Here is a land of The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household). This land belongs to Imam Sadiq. Our soldiers have priority over those who live in the palace. The members of our mobilization forces are much more noble than all of courtiers all around the world and also in comparison with those adhere to absurd claims who think that everyone around the world must be modest to them."

In another part of his statement one would find that "The best character with which one can get insight in to Imam Sadiq’s personality is Imam’s jurisprudence (Fiqh)". He continues: "The jurisprudence which had been developed by him, can meet the needs of all humankind. The jurisprudence (Fiqh), the book and practice, by themselves can meet all of the superficial, spiritual, philosophical and mystic needs of all human beings. We cannot offer a suitable definition for it."

Imam Khomeini revived the regions and moral values in contemporary era and revived divine values by setting up Islamic-democratic system in 1979. 

The victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini changed the balance of power in the interest of the Muslim and oppressed nations.

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