Christian leaders fully supported Imam Khomeini

Christian leaders fully supported Imam Khomeini

Several Christian leaders from across Iran and the world had fully expressed their trust in wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

A review of events unfolding prior to victory of the Islamic Revolution shows that Imam Khomeini was warmly received by top Christian leaders while his arrival at air port in the Iranian capital, Tehran in early 1979. 

Millions had poured onto streets to welcome the great Imam who had returned to his homeland days before the victory of Islamic Revolution after spending years in exile. 

Among them were the top Christian leaders and spiritual leaders of other minorities.

Shaking hands with the Christian leaders and pointing to them, Imam had told the international media men that why they were unable to see the fact that the Islamic Revolution was being fully backed and supported by all ethnic and religious communities in Iran. 

The world Muslim leader is well-known for protecting and shielding the rights and religious freedoms of all Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians following the victory of Islamic Revolution under his wise and unprecedented leadership. 

Imam had also recommended all relevant authorities to take serious and concert steps and provided all groups constitutional protection for all groups regardless of their faith and beliefs. 

 Imam Khomeini also maintained amicable ties with Christian leaders in Vatican and advised them to join his movement to support the oppressed nations across the world. 

The Islamic-democratic system established by Imam Khomeini revived rights of the Muslim and oppressed nations. 

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