Religious event held at Hosseinieh Jamaran

Religious event held at Hosseinieh Jamaran

A mourning ceremony on the occasion of martyrdom anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (PBUH) has been held at Hosseinieh Jamaran in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The religious event was recently held to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam al-Sadiq, the truthful successor of the holy prophet of Islam at the site where the founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, received his guests. 

The ceremony was attended by Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic, and several other religious, academic figures and officials.

The grandson of Imam Khomeini and some other speakers delivered speeches to highlight the divine character and personality of Imam al-Sadiq. He attained martyrdom on the 25th of Shawwal in the year 14 AH.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) lived at a time when there was a deep and active interaction between Islamic thought and knowledge and the peoples of other nations. 

It is for this reason that the untiring efforts, struggles and endeavors of Imam Sadiq  in the revival and dissemination of the original Islamic culture became the reason why the Shia school of thought is also called the Jafari religion.

A great jurisprudent of the Ahl-e-Sunnat Malik Ibn – e- Aues says about Imam Sadiq , “No eye has seen nor any ear has heard a man in virtue and excellence greater that Jafar Ibn Mohammed (PBUH).” Also according to Abu Hanifa, “I have not seen a man more learned and jurisprudent than Jafar Ibn Mohammed (PBUH).

It is noteworthy that Imam Khomeini used called Iran as Imam Sadiq’s land as his divine values promoted by him are widely practiced and observed here. 

"Here is a land of The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household). This land belongs to Imam Sadiq. Our soldiers have priority over those who live in the palace. The members of our mobilization forces are much more noble than all of courtiers all around the world and also in comparison with those adhere to absurd claims who think that everyone around the world must be modest to them."


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