Imam Khomeini unrepeatable figure in history

Imam Khomeini unrepeatable figure in history

Members of a Bosnian family say the founder of the Islamic Republic has had unrepeatable spiritual personality in contemporary history.

The Bosnian family made remarks while visiting Imam Khomeini’s simply-built historic residence in the historic city of Khomein.

The guests were deeply impressed by simple life-style of the world religious and spiritual leader.

The families have adopted Shia Islam and vowed to pursue the spiritual path of Imam Khomeini throughout their lives.

They were also briefed about the history of the Islamic Revolution and pure life of Imam Khomeini.

This comes as Imam’s academic and spiritual legacy is becoming increasingly popular in various parts of the world in recent decades.

The emergence and victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam changed equation of power in interest of the oppressed and Muslim nations.

According to Hojjat al-Islam Jawad Rizvi, in charge of the site, dozens of foreign visitors from Germany, Turkey, Slovakia and several other countries have visited Imam’s historic residence in Khomeini in recent months. 

Imam’s simply-built residences in historic town of Khomein, the holy city of Qom and Tehran are visited by thousands of domestic pilgrims and hundreds of foreigners each year. 

Imam has had well command over philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence and several other interdisciplinary fields. 

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