Institute shields Imam Khomeini academic legacy

Institute shields Imam Khomeini academic legacy

The institute’s main objective is to protect the academic and intellectual legacy of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Imam's works so the Institute for Compilation and Publication was established because it was a necessity to gather and promote Imam Khomeini's Works after his heavenly departure.

The institute was established to accomplish this mission of great significance and protect the works from being distorted.

Since 1996, the institute started working to introduce Imam Khomeini's ideas, doing researches about the different dimensions of Imam's notions at domestic and international levels.

The institute has also trained the researchers on this field over the past years.

The intellectuals and researches at the institute have delivered theories and published significant works about different dimensions of the Islamic republic and the unprecedented leadership of Imam Khomeini 

The establishment of this institute had been obliged to untiring efforts by late Hojatolislam Haj Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini's and was approved by of the relevant ministries and institutions.

The international department of the institute has managed to translate dozen of works of Imam Khomeini in to several languages including English, Arabic and Urdu. 

The world religious and spiritual leader has had well command over philosophy, mysticism, Hadith, history, Quranic interpretation and several interdisciplinary fields. 

His academic legacy is becoming increasingly popular among the scholars, academics, and intellectuals from around the world. 

Imam Khomeini works have become part of university curriculum in various parts of the world. 

Imam’s intellectual legacy continues to counter extremist theories and continue to invite followers of all divine religions to unite under banner of monotheism. 

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