Israeli conspiracies disrupting peace in Mideast

Israeli conspiracies disrupting peace in Mideast

The daughter of the founder of the Islamic Republic says the conspiracies by the Israeli regime were spreading violence and insecurity across Mideast.

Dr. Zahra Mostafvi Khomeini, the daughter of Imam Khomeini made remarks during an interview with an Iranian newspaper. 

She went onto say that the ongoing insecurity and violence was a direct result of the conspiracies and plots hatched by the Tel Aviv regime against the Middle East Region.

The daughter of Imam Khomeini noted the conclusion of nuclear talks between the Islamic Republic and the P5+1 group of countries has raised the Iran’s status and geo-political position.

The raised Iranian statues can also help Palestinians to retrieve and revive their rights, she emphasized.

It is worth to mention that Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual religious leader used to be considered a great supporter of reviving Palestinian rights in contemporary history.

Islamic Revolution emerged triumphant under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979. The Iran’s Islamic-democratic system has defended Palestinians’ against Israeli aggressions and occupation in recent decades. 

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