International summit on Imam Khomeini kicks off in Tehran

International summit on Imam Khomeini kicks off in Tehran

An international summit reflecting Imam Khomeini views on Quranic comprehension has started in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The summit was inaugurated with a speech by former Iranian President Ayatollah Hashemi  at  Milad Tower in Tehran.

Addressing to the gathering the current head of Expediency Council said that Imam Khomeini’s great spirit and dynamic thought were extracted from Quran and the conduct of the people of the Houshold of the holy prophet of Islam.

The senior cleric also emphasized that Imam revived Islam at a very sensitive juncture of history when the East and the West had been plunged into materialism and moral decline.

The internally-reputed scholar said that if we go ahead with Imam’s genuine thought and ideals, the Islamic Revolution would attain more accomplishments and achievements. 

The international conference is being attended by scholars, academic figures and university and seminary scholars. 

During the summit, the scholars from across Iran and the world would analyze the Quranic comprehensions of the founder of the Islamic Republic. 

Imam Khomeini’s Quranic legacy is very deep and profound as the great Imam made widespread use of Quranic views in various fields including mysticism, philosophy and jurisprudence.

Imam has had well command over several academic fields and knowledge disciplines including Quranic interpretation, Hadith, Jurisprudence, philosophy and mysticism.

Imam Khomeini’s speeches, messages and letters also contain Qurainc verses.

The world religious and spiritual leader left dozens of books including an interpretation about opening Surah of Quran.

A group of scholars have recently extracted Imam’s Quranic views from his various works and compiled into five volumes. 

The academic and Quranic legacy is increasingly becoming popular among the scholars and academics and has been included in university curriculum in recent years. 

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