Imam Khomeini simple life-style guiding humanity

Imam Khomeini simple life-style guiding humanity

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the simple life-styled adopted by the founder of the Islamic Republic is a guiding torch for the whole humanity.

Venezuelan president made remarks after visiting the historic residence of the founder of the Islamic Revolution.

Maduro along with an accompanied delegation visited simply- built historic residence of late Imam Khomeini in Jamaran district, which is located in northern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The president told the Jamaran news agency that he was deeply impressed by the simple life-style of the father of the Islamic Revolution.  

It was amazing that how the great founder of the Islamic Republic could manage the country from a very small and simple place, Maduro said. The Venezuelan president went onto say that Imam Khomeini’s simple life style has been a good lesson and a role model for the whole humanity. 

The president concluded by saying that Imam Khomeini led a revolution that relieved the humanity from clutches of the imperialism.

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged victorious in 1979 and strengthened the oppressed nations around the globe. 

This comes as a landmark summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) wrapped up in the Iranian capital Tehran with the participation of the heads of nine member states. 

Presidents of Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Turkmenistan as well as the Algerian prime minister were the key participants.

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