Iranians organization workers pay homage to Imam Khomeini

Iranians organization workers pay homage to Imam Khomeini

Senior officials and workers from organization of charitable trust have renewed their allegiance to ideals of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ali Mohammadi, the representative of the supreme leader in charitable organization along with other officials and worker paid visit to Imam Khomeini’s holy mausoleum , which is located on the outskirts of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

They vowed to further the objectives and ideals of the Islamic Revolution by implementing Imam Khomeini’s ideals.

It is noteworthy that Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists from across Iran and the globe each year. 

Imam Khomeini’s shrine has become activities of religious, spiritual, cultural and social activities in recent years. 

The Islamic Revolution which emerged triumphant under the wise leadership of the great Imam , brought prosperity to Iranians and changed balance of power in the interest of the oppressed nations

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