Saudi regime fueling sectarian strife among Muslims

Saudi regime fueling sectarian strife among Muslims

A leader of Friday congregational prayer in Europe says the Saudi monarchy is doing nothing except to sow the seed of strife and divide among the Muslim world.

Criticizing the divisive policy adopted by the Saudi Kingdom, Orhan Yıldız, the Friday prayer leader in Netherlands said that the Saudi monarchy has been purchasing bombs with petrodollars and dropping it on the Muslim nations.

The leader of congressional Friday prayer in the city of The Hague said that if the Saudi regime decides to publish a book, then it would definitely target the solidarity, harmony and unity of the entire Ummah. 

The undemocratic and unelected regime has also put under threat the rights of the own people, freedoms and civil liberties, he noted.

Yıldız suggested that practical steps should  taken to present a permanent solution for sectarian divide among Muslims, as exploiting powers were igniting conflicts by making misuse of such divisions.

He also concluded by saying there was a great interests towards spirituality and religion among the European youth.

It is noteworthy that Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Muslim world invited the humanity towards spirituality as a solution to moral and social decline.

Imam also exposed crimes being committed by House of Saud against the Muslim societies.

Imam academic and spiritual legacy is increasingly becoming popular across the world among all followers of divine religions.

The revolution under the wise leadership of Imam emerged victorious and changed balance of power in the interests of oppressed and Muslim nations.

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