China seeks new chapter in ties with Iran

China seeks new chapter in ties with Iran

Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic used to emphasize on maintaining good bilateral ties with all nations.

It is mention to worthy that Iran made significant progress in all fields following the victory of the Islamic Revolution under matchless leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Iran has maintained close ties with China since centuries.

The weekly topic focuses on growing political, economic and social ties between Tehran and Beijing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's has paid two-day visit to the Iran to enhance bilateral ties.

Iran's president says Chinese President Xi Jinping's official visit to Iran marks a "historic" event in bilateral ties between Tehran and Beijing. 

President Hassan Rouhani said alongside Xi in Tehran on Saturday that Tehran welcomes stronger relations with China especial after the recent lifting of sanctions on Iran.

“The important visit by … President Xi Jinping…marks an important historic event and I am sure that a new chapter has started in relations between Iran and China.”

The Iranian president also noted that he and his Chinese counterpart discussed coordination for “creating stability and security in the Middle East and helping countries plagued by terrorism, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and providing intellectual and intelligence assistance in the fight on terrorism.”

The president went onto say that Tehran and Beijing have agreed on more cooperation to “combat regional terrorism.”

For his part, Xi said that Iran-China strong cooperation will not only benefit the governments and nations of the two countries, but also would serve “regional and global peace.” 

President Xi also noted that he has traveled to Iran to prepare the ground for a new “prospect in relations between the two countries."

Xi added that he seeks “strategic ties with Iran”, particularly in energy market.

President Xi was also poised to sign letters of intent with the Islamic Republic for a new chapter in strategic economic cooperation.

The Chinese leader hoped to further boost his country’s traditional friendship and economic engagement with Iran.

Xi has said that Iran and China, whose friendship dates back to 2,000 years ago, have made important contribution to human progress.

The Chinese president also emphasized that establishment of political relations between Iran and China has resulted in important achievements in the political, economic and cultural sectors.


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