Fueling sectarian strife amounts to greatest sin

Fueling sectarian strife amounts to greatest sin

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran’s Expediency council says fueling sectarian strife is a great sin and mistake.

Rafsanjani made remarks during a meeting with senior Sunni Muslim clerics who had joined the gathering from various parts of Iran.

The former Iranian president said that the policy of the Islamic-democratic system’s policy has always been to defend the followers of all Muslim sects and the divine religions.

The top official pointed out that fueling of sectarianism or ethnic sensitivities have been a direct result of social and political ignorance.

Sunni clerics’ demands don’t clash with the Shia principles or the national interests, and we all are working for the dignity of Islam and the nation, Ayatollah Rafsanjani added.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani also recalled the guidelines by the supreme leaders who has frequently stressed on unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

The supreme leaders have once said during a meeting with members of Guardian Council that one of the obstacle between Shia and Sunnis has been extremist thinking and unfair treating by some elements within societies,   Rafsanjani noted.

In the start of the session, prominent sunni clerics such as Maulana Abdul Hamid, the congregational prayer leader from the city of Zahedan and Maulana Sheikh Mohammad Ali Amini suggested practical ways and put forward proposals for the implementation of unity among all Muslim sects.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic through his messages, speeches and works had frequently put emphasis on creating and promoting unity among the entire Muslim Ummah.

Imam used to maintain that Shias and Sunni Muslims are brothers. He also made it clear that those who fuel sectarian strife are either ignorant or play into hands of external elements and colonial powers. 

Imam Khomeini’s ideals and thought are becoming increasingly popular among the entire Muslim Ummah, and followers of all divine religions and the oppressed nations.

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