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Topical oriented research for Imam Khomeini works

The institute has designed a soft ware which eases access to Imam Khomeini’s views about a range of topics.

The institute has designed a soft ware which eases access for researchers to Imam Khomeini’s views about a variety of topics.

The software has been designed with close efforts of the technical and research teams of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.

The software contains dozens of volume collections of Imam Works under title of “Tebyan” which classified and presents Imam’s works into dozens topics.

Some of the topic covered by the software comes as under

   1. freedom

   2. The fundamentals of Islamic Revolution

   3. Political groups and parties

   4. Moral

   5. Army

   6. oppressed people and  colonial powers

   7. Exploiting powers

   8.  pure Islam

   9.  Economy

   10.   social classes and people from various walks of life

    11.  Imam on front bases of Prayers

    12. Imam and the Revolution institutions

    13.  Imamat and the concept of perfect man  

    14. commanding for good and forbidding from bad,

    15. Elections

    16.  The culture of martyrdom and sacrifices

    17. Volunteer  mobilization forces,

   18.  Iran’s contemporary history

  19.  advertisement and mass media

   20.  imposed war and holy defense

   21.  Social transformation and the Islamic Revolution

   22.  Education and training

   23.  Monotheism

   24.  Spiritual purification

   25.  Women position

   26.  people status

   27. war and defense

   28. youth

   29.  The Muslim world

   30.  Hajj and pilgrimage

   31. The Islamic governance and government

   32.  Self confidence and self sufficing

   33.  University and university figures

   34. Clergymen and seminaries

   35. Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)

   36. Foreign policy and international relations

   37. The conduct and practical behavior of infallible Imams

   38. Export of the Islamic Revolution

   39. Divine justice

   40. Palestine

   41. Quran, a book of guidance

   42. Justice and judiciary

   43. Armed forces

  44. Ethnicity, national and infra national thought

  45. Uprising of Ashura

  46. Day of resurrection

  47. Prophethood

  48. Unity


Dozens of Imam Khomeini’s works have been translated into several languages in recent years. The works are also available on Cds diskettes and digital forms.

Several research works have been conducted about Imam’s ideal and thought by researchers, intellectuals, academics and universities and institutions. Imam’s divine and academic legacy is increasingly becoming appealing and popular across the world.



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