Imam Khomeini and history of Qom seminaries

Imam Khomeini and history of Qom seminaries

The grand seminaries in the holy city Qom, which trained great Muslim scholars and clerics, was established by prominent scholars decades ago .

According to a memoirs by late Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini, the son of the founder of the Islamic Republic, says Imam Khomeini soon after migration after the migration of  Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Karim Haeri to the holy city of Qom. 

Qom became major seminary center after Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Karim Haeri moved from Arak to the holy city of Qom. Several scholars and clerics requested him to stay at the holy city forever and establish a comprehensive centers of religious teachings.

After migration of Ayatollah Haeri to Qom, Imam Khomeini, who was very young at the time, also moved from Arak to the holy city in order to continue his education.

Young Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini) learned lesson such as fundamentals of jurisprudence, philosophy, mysticism and several other interdisciplinary fields from great religious figures of the era. Ayatollah Haeri and Shah Abadi were among his famous teachers.

Imam started to deliver lessons on moral which were attended by scholars, students, lectures and people from various walks of life.

After equipping himself with knowledge, moral and divine attributes, Imam raised voice against he brutality being committed by the Pahlavi regime. Imam raised awareness among the seminaries and public about the damages the Pahlavi regime and his backers were inflicting to the Iranian society.

Imam was sent to exile for several years into exile. He continued to monitor the struggle against undemocratic and dictatorial Pahlavi regime of Shah.

Imam triumphantly returned to homeland in 1979 after spending nearly fifteen years in exile.

The Islamic Revolution under leadership of Imam kHomeini put Iran on the track of progress and strengthened the entire Muslim Ummah and the oppressed nation across the globe.

It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini had highly trusted his son Ahmad Khomeini who had remained with him during all thick and thin times.

It is also noteable that city of Qoma has been always a center for gatherings of scholars, Hadith and relgious experts  from very early periods of Islam. 




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