Qom seminaries played crucial role in training scholars

Qom seminaries played crucial role in training scholars

The new organized grand seminaries of Qom, which trained hundreds of scholars and clerics in recent era, were established several decades ago.

 The Iranian holy city of Qom has been a center of gathering of religious scholars and Hadith experts since very early periods of Islam.  

The historical facts indicate that seminaries in the holy city of Qom had continued to exist throughout the various periods of history; however, they did not enjoy the benefits of an organized system.

The turning point in contemporary history occurred when Ayatullah Haeri migrated from the Iranian city of Arak to the holy city of Qom expand the religious centers there.

In the beginning of 20th century, Ayatullah Haeri migrated to Qom where he was received warmly by a group of scholars and people from various walks of life, who had requested him to stay in Qom and establish an organized seminary system.

The senior cleric also accepted the request and started to advance the job by working along with a strong team of religious scholars, clerics and graduates.

Shia Muslims has had already internationally-reputed seminary systems in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf. However, the expansion of the Qom seminary was much felt and needed by academics and intellectuals.

Rouhullah Mousavi Khomeini, who was a young seminary student at the time also moved from Arak to Qom to join Ayatollah Haeri in Qom. He later trained hundreds of pupils in fields of moral, mysticism, philosophy and jurisprudence.

Imam also trained hundreds of scholars and intellectuals in Najaf while he was sent into exile by the Pahlavi Shah regime.  

Imam Khomeini’s pupils played very crucial role during the Iranian nation struggle against the Pahlavi regime of Shah and its colonial backers.

Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the university and seminary systems made significant progress and became attention of scholars from across Iran and the various parts of the globe.


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