Divine prophets assigned to train societies

Divine prophets assigned to train societies

The grandson of Imam Khomeini says divine prophets were assigned to train societies and reduce sufferings of the human beings through the history

Addressing senior officials and workers from Iran Red Crescent at the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Hassan Khomeini said that one of the main objectives of the holy prophets have been to turn human beings into better ones and to reduce the hurdles and plight of the society.

The prophets have been pursuing the mission of helping people to accomplish proximity of God, the Almighty and decorate themselves with divine virtues and characteristics, the internationally-reputed Muslim scholar noted.

He recommended the participants not to remain indifferent towards the sufferings of others and undertake serious efforts to reduce the troubles of the society.

Trust in youths and paying attention to the affairs of the oppressed people have been some of the significant characteristics of Imam Khomeini, the later founder of the Islamic Republic, Hassan Khomeini stressed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior cleric asked those to review their manners who inflict damages to society or increase sufferings of people by their misconduct or wrong practices.

The grandson of Imam Khomeini concluded by saying that the premier goal of the honorable prophets have been the completion of the moral practices and ethical norms.

The remarks coincides the occasion of the 27th Rajab, which is considered as special day on Islamic calendar as it commemorates the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) appointment to the Prophetic Mission. The Muslims mark the day with holding special spiritual ceremonies and celebrations.

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