Universal message of holy prophet from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

Universal message of holy prophet from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini maintained that the divine prophets spread a universal message which aimed at training societies and promoting ethical and moral values.

The founder of the Islamic Republic believed that the divine messengers came to relive societies form social and moral decline and guide them towards precious objective gaining proximity to God, the Almighty.

The message preached by the holy prophet of Islam was of comprehensive nature which could deliver prosperity for humanity and the salvation for the hereafter.

 The Message preached by the holy prophet of Islam was universal as the holy book Quran invites the entire mankind to decorate themselves with moral excellence and divine values.

The core of spiritual message delivered by the holy prophet of Islam has timeless beauty has lost none of the original charm and continues its profound appeal to the human intellect.

The first verses revealed to the honorable prophet encourages to gain knowledge and values.

Historical accounts show that the sufferings and trials of the Prophet were the greatest being the last and greatest of all the Messengers of Allah. 

Imam Khomeini called on the whole Islamic community to follow footsteps of the honorable prophet of Islam Hadrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his infallible successors, who are great divine mentor and spiritual guide for the entire mankind.

The holy prophet and his infallible successors delivered the message of peace, harmony, healthy way of life and submission to none but God the Almighty creator.

The honorable prophet of Islam left behind the "Thaqalayn" (the holy Qur'an and his pure progeny) for the guidance of the Muslims and the whole world as a role-model to decorate themselves with divine virtues and characteristics.

The holy prophet of Islam was decorated with great moral excellence, and assigned to complete and enhance the moral values.

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