Tehran wraps up 29th book exhibition

Tehran wraps up 29th book exhibition

The closing ceremony of the 29th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) has been held in the ceremonial hall of Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City) in southern part of Tehran with the presence of senior officials.

The Saturday ceremony was attended by Culture Minister Ali Jannati, Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani, Director of the 29th Tehran International Book FairSeyyed Abbas Salehi and Tehran’s Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf.


The best publishers were awarded with medals and special prizes at the closing event.


This year’s book exhibition was held at a newly-constructed venue in the southern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Hundreds of publishers from across Iran and several other countries took active part in the academic event.


The publishers’ stalls displaying books and their works in digital forms received thousands of visitors every day.


It is noteworthy that the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works had also set up separate stalls to display the academic works of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

Dozens of Imam Khomeini’s works have been translated into several languages with the efforts of the international department of the institute in recent years. 

The works, also now available in digital forms, have also been displayed in regional exhibitions over the past few years, and were widely welcomed by the visitors.

Imam’s academic and divine legacy is becoming increasingly popular among followers of divine religions, oppressed nations and entire Muslim Ummah.

Imam’s works have interdisciplinary approaches to a range of philosophical, mystical, jurisprudential, and Qurnaic and Hadith issues.

Experts maintain that Imam’s thought and ideals have deep roots in genuine Islamic teachings and basic Islamic sources such as Quran and Sunnah.


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