Humans need divine-oriented spiritual training

Humans need divine-oriented spiritual training

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, used to maintain that the mankind needs spiritual training through divine source of revelation.

 The great leader of the Muslim world, Imam Khomeini, maintained that human needs spiritual-self purification and guidance by divine prophetsbecause the mankind doesn’t have merely material aspects.

According to Imam khomeini, spiritual perspective of human personality proves the mankind's need towards the divine messengers.

Imam through his speeches and works stressed that the human societies and communities cannot get rid of carnal desires without acting on divine teachings received through revelation by the infallible prophets.

Imam khomeini pointed out on several occasions that the real freedoms were inaccessible unless humans accomplish spiritual freedoms.

Imam Khomeini revived religious, spiritual, human and divine values at a sensitive juncture of history when the world had plunged into moral and social decline.

Experts say spirituality runs deep through all Imam's thought and ideals. He has left much enriched divine legacy by leaving dozens of books which contain deep mystical and philosophical ideologies. Imam's knowledge and wisdom have deep roots in basic Islamic sources such as Quran and Sunnah. 

His academic works and books contain treasures of mysticism and can guide the next generations for centuries to come. 

The books by Imam such as "Forty Hadith" Hosts of intellect and ignorance" "Secrets and disciplines of prayers" "Combat with the Self" and several other works are becoming increasingly popular among Muslims and followers of other divine religions.

Imam had called on followers of all divine religions and oppressed nations to become united under the banner of monotheism and spirituality in order to confront immorality, cruelty and vicious agenda of colonial powers. 

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