German tourists visit Imam’s residence in Khomein

German tourists visit Imam’s residence in Khomein

A group of German tourists has paid a visit to historic residence of the late founder of the Islamic Republic in his ancestral city of Khomein.

The German tourists, who are on a cultural visit to Iran, were deeply impressed by simply life style of the Imam Khomeini, the world religious, spiritual and political leader.

They were also briefed about Imam’s knowledge, works and his divine wisdom, and his devotion towards poor and oppressed people.

Imam Khomeini also opted to live in a very simply-built residence in the northern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran, after becoming the founding leader of the Islamic Republic in 1979.

Imam used to receive and organize meetings with international political leaders, academic figures, intellectuals and journalists in a very simple room in Tehran.

Imam’s simply-built residences in Khomein, the holy city of Qom and Tehran have become sites of cultural, social and religious gatherings, and are visited by thousands of tourists, pilgrims and intellectual from across Iran and different parts of the world each year.

Imam had extensive devotion towards needy ones as he distributed all his ancestral lands in city of Khomein among  farmers and poor people.

He spent all his life for divine cause and the victory of the Islamic Revolution under his leadership strengthened the entire Muslim Ummah, and defended the rights of the oppressed nations.

Imam’s divine-oriented life-style, his knowledge and academic legacy continues to guide followers of all divine religions and oppressed people across the globe.

The founder of the Islamic Republic had frequently through his speeches and messages had described himself as a servant to nation.

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