100s of foreign guests visit to Imam’s historic residence

100s of foreign guests visit to Imam’s historic residence

Foreign guests from various parts of the world have paid a visit to Imam Khomeini’s simply-built residence which is located in the northern part of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

This comes as hundreds of foreign guest form several countries have arrived in Tehran to take part in the 27th passinganniversary of Imam Khomeini.

The guests were deeply impressed by simple life-style of Imam who opted to live in this simple house after becoming the founding leader of the Islamic Revolution.

The guests which include professors, intellectuals, officials, academics and journalists also visited a nearby gallery where the works of Imam Khomeini and objects regarding the Islamic Revolution are kept.

They were briefed about the Islamic Revolution history and Imam’s works, his ideals and thought and ideals.

The guests will attend religious and spiritual event on June 03 at Imam Khomeini’s holy mausoleum which is located on the southern suburbs of Tehran. The spiritual event at Imam’s shrine is attended by thousands of devotees form across Iran and the world each year.

Imam Khomeini passed away on June 03, 1989 and departed heavenly after strengthening the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations, and reviving the divine and religious values in contemporary era.   

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