Muslim Ummah must return to Imam Ideals

Muslim Ummah must return to Imam Ideals

Presidential Adviser in Religious and Ethnic Minorities Affairs Sheikh Ali Younesi says Muslim Ummah must return to monotheistic thought and ideals of Imam Khomeini.

 The senior stressed that Imam Khomeini had been an undisputed leader of the entire Muslim world, and the all Muslims are obliged to explore his thought which are originated from monotheism.

He also highlighted the need for promoting unity among Muslim world in order to handle the current tough situation and circumstances.

Elsewhere in his remakes, he stressed that the solution to current problems of the Muslim world was possible if believers return to basic sources such as Quran and Sunnah, along with rationality.

Sheikh Younesi made remarks at an international summit which was attended by intellectuals, senior clerics, scholars and academic figures from across Iran and other parts of the globe

About 400 of foreign guests who are in Tehran to attend the 27th passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini, also actively participated in the event. 

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