Imam Khomeini shook the world

Imam Khomeini shook the world

Ayatollah Khomeini felt a holy mission to rid Iran of what he saw as Western corruption and degeneracy and established an Islamic-democratic system, says a New York Times report.

Today he is remembered as the Muslim leader who, on Feb. 11, 1979, drove Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from the Peacock Throne in founding the world’s first and only Islamic republic governed by a religious political ideology, the report noted.

Recalling Imam Khomeini’s historic return to Iran in 1979 after spending 15 years in exile, the report highlights that the event led to overthrow of the then Shah regime. “But when he returned in triumph to Teheran on Feb. 1, 1979 — after almost 15 years in exile — the imposing man in a black robe with a white beard and intense dark eyes left little doubt about who he was, or what he wanted for his ancient land.”

The report also adds that 27 years after passing away of Imam Khomeini, his mausoleum remains as one of the largest religious complexes in the world. Pointing to Imam’s popularity, the daily said that When Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic republic in Iran, was buried in 1989, three days after his death on June 3, millions had taken to the streets, and at Behest-e Zahra cemetery to pay him respect and tributes.

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam changed the balance of power, and strengthened the entire Muslim community and defended the rights of the oppressed people. 

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