Imam Khomeini revived Islamic heritage

Imam Khomeini revived Islamic heritage

Iran's Ambassador to Spain Mohammad Hassan Fadaifard says Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic revolution revived the great Islamic heritage across the globe.

The ambassador made the remarks in a ceremony held in the Spanish capital Madrid on the occasion of 27th passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini

He also went onto say that Imam has been a great revivalist who will be remembered by the history.

The ceremony was attended by several diplomats, officials, intellectuals and scholars.

Addressing the event, Iran's cultural attaché in Spain Alireza Esmaeili stressed that  late Imam founded the Islamic Republic based on genuine teachings of Islam with massive support of public. He noted that the Islamic Republic established by Imam Khomeini now serves to be a beacon of hope for all oppressed nations across the world.

Niko Roa, a famous Spanish writer was also addressed at the ceremony.  Roa said that the Islamic Republic has been shaped based on Imam Khomeini's dynamic ideals and thought.

 The Islamic Revolution of Iran would never be accomplished without Imam’s theory of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist (Velayat-e faqih), Roa noted.

Addressing the ceremony, Ibrahim Amal, head of a religious institution in Madrid, said that Imam Khomeini was a source of inspiration for all who wanted to confront the colonial powers. He added that Imam Khomeini raised awakening and awareness among the Muslim world and restored dignity to Muslims.

The Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979 changed the balance of power in the interests of Muslims and the oppressed nations.

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