An Analysis of the Quds Day

An Analysis of the Quds Day

One of the precious and irreplaceable heritage issues of Imam Khomeini is the universal and international day of Quds. The announcement of such an issue in a special time framework origins from Imam Khomeini's deep political thought and pure mystical inception.

One of the precious and irreplaceable heritage issues of Imam Khomeini is the universal and international day of Quds. The announcement of such an issue in a special time framework origins from Imam Khomeini's deep political thought and pure mystical inception, which represents the mixture and blend of religion and politics that would never be separated from each other. Imam Khomeini's unique attitude towards the Zionist regime originated from his great and multi-dimensional knowledge regarding the Zionist nature and essence.  Quds Day is the convention with eternal ideals of Imam Khomeini and the oath of allegiance with revolution's leader. In this day, the Islamic nation, once again, initiates relations with Islamic ideological thoughts of Imam Khomeini and states to the world that this movement will never stop its plans.

The selection of last Friday as "World Quds Day" from the founder of the Islamic Republic has great significance from viewpoint of timing because the participants of rallies are fasting people that would give the rally a special holiness. The Quds Day is placed among the nights and days of 'Qadr', and it is the night which is according to Quranic expression better than one thousands months and full of spirituality. This is the night when the whole of the holy Quran was revealed to the holy prophet. Moreover, the divine angels and the Great Spirit descend down from heavens in order to determine the fate of individual and social lives of people and societies. The spiritual peace and security prevails and encompasses the human beings from dawn to dust.

The Muslims and other people chant a plentiful of slogans, which are triggered from the heart of the anti-oppression religion of Islam, and these slogans on the last Friday of Ramadan. These slogans from all over the world target the black point of Israel and besiege this occupier Zionist regime. The demonstrators and participants draw a barrier around the selfishness desires of Israel by chanting their slogans of "God is great". They shake the pillars of brutal Zionist regime with monotheistic words and slogans.

The Quds Day is designed to declare the dangers the Zionism poses to the Muslim world and its holy sanctuaries. The crimes of Israel are reminded to all on this day. The denial and doubts about occurrence of cruelty from humankind mind departs and replaces with knowledge and awareness of repeated painful incidents being taking place in the occupied territories. The warning bells about killing of people are ranged and the sound of that rings disturbs the clam of ears. The street demonstrations warn about the dangers posed by the occupation of Israel.

It will besiege Israel, and Zionist regime is surrounded by loud voices of Allah Akbar (God is great). Finally, the monotheistic words and expressions will shake the brutal rule of Israel.

The other aspect of this issue is the state of the oppressed Palestinian whose words come out from other Muslims' mouths. The sounds of the injured and poor people of Palestine are spread in Islamic countries. In this day, the Muslims out of Palestine, call the injustice for poor, oppressed Palestinian, and remained those who are deprived of the basic human rights. Discrimination is completely obvious in their personal and social life aspects and every day the scope of poverty, richness, stone and gun extends much more than before.

In front of the colonists' cruelty, the Muslims should not be silent since their atrocity will increase. The special groups of murdering continue their slaughter more darely and easily. If people revolt against such bloodthirstiness, the least effect would be the understanding of the world's liberals about their terrible and aggressive behaviors. Quds Day is millions of Muslims marching against Israel's improvidence.

On Quds Day, the line of faithful is separated from the infidels. Those who object to oppression symbol in their hearts and thoughts will express their feeling in action and speech. In this day, people are examined via their words, actions, and their love to Palestine and the detesting feels to Israel. Those who believe Israel as the humanity and Muslims' enemy join to demonstrators' lines and practice Imam Ali's words: "Show your animosity towards oppressor and be helpful to oppressed ones."

On Quds Day, people from all over the world join to each other. The slogans of "Death to Israel" and "Down with America" weakens the enemies' power. People from every nation, race, and religion step forward regardless of their social, political place and voice their support for the Palestinians.

The demonstrators chant the following slogans 'God is great', 'there is no God, but Allah', 'Mohmammad (s.a) is Allah's prophet' and "Israel is the enemy of God". This symbol of the united Ummah, which recall us of another Abraham's dawn, will enlighten the ray of hope in the hearts of Palestinian combatants and will level the way for struggle.

Quds Day is a prelude towards establishing the oppressed party on the earth. The world's oppressed and poor people take part in the demonstration and hope for the restoring Palestinians' rights. Quds Day relates to more than one geographical point in the word but it is the symbol of thought, and strategy of performing the tasks for the world's oppressed people. Their ultimate goal is to maintain close ties with God and end up in a humanly noble life. They are real monotheists who only have piety and fear of God in their hearts and know no one more influential except Him.

Sayyid Muhammad Ali Mousawi

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