Arrogance hinders spiritual growth

Arrogance hinders spiritual growth

The daughter-in-law of Imam Khomeini says if good deeds are polluted by arrogance, they can create veil and hinders spiritual progress and growth.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabai, the head of department of mysticism at the Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution Research Center, said during a recent lecture that truth-seekers must avoid from falling into pits of moral decline such as arrogance.

She went onto say that even if a pious man, teacher of a divine scripture becomes polluted with demerits such as arrogance could be left behind spiritually.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabai is the daughter in law of late founder of the Islamic Republic and researcher on the Islamic Mysticism and expert regarding the Imam’s works. She is also chairperson of Iran’s mysticism council.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabai is currently delivering lectures and explaining various chapters of “an exposition on host of intellect and ignorance”, a famous work on mysticism by Imam Khomeini.

Several of academic works left by the contemporary leader of the Muslim world contain treasure of mysticism and divine-oriented teachings.

Imam left academic legacy which covers a range of fields including philosophy, mysticism, Quranic Hadith and sciences, jurisprudence and poetry.

Several of Imam’s works have been translated into dozens of languages over the past years. The works have also become part of curriculum of reputed international seminaries and universities.

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