Imam Khomeini promoted rational approach to Islam

Imam Khomeini promoted rational approach to Islam

The daughter- in- law of Imam Khomeini says the late founder of the Islamic Republic promoted a rational approach to Islam.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabai made remarks during a meeting with Ms. Nakanishi who is a researcher and university professor at department of religion in Japan.  The meeting was held at the Iranian Embassy in Japan.

Dr. Tabatabai is head of department of the Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution Research Center and also manages Iran’s scientific Association on Islamic Mysticism.  

Pointing to the Iranian women role following the victory of Islamic Revolution, Dr. Tabatabai said that the women had actively participated in all fields and areas.

She went onto say that women can play a key role in creating a world without violence in contemporary era.

Iranian President Rouhani, senior officials and intellectuals have campaigned for a World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) which was approved by the UN General Assembly in December 2013. 

Dr. Tabatabai also described Islam as religion of kindness with great moral excellence.

Emergence of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini revived the moral and spiritual values, and strengthened the oppressed nations.

Imam through his speeches and messages challenged the repressive policies of colonial powers, and also denounced all forms of violence and terrorism.

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