Summit to highlight Imam’s views on oppressed people’s rights

Summit to highlight Imam’s views on oppressed people’s rights

A scholar say the summit on Imam Khomeini will underscore views of the late founder of the Islamic Republic about the rights of oppressed people and slum-dwellers.

 Mohammad Hassan Ziai Far, who will manage law study circle at the conference, said in an interview with Jamaran news agency that the summit titled “Imam Khomeini, religious government and people’s rights” will highlight Imam’s concerns and devotion towards rights of oppressed ones and poor echelon of the society. 

The internationally-reputed scholar went onto say that constitution was written with instructions of Imam folwoing the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979.  

The constriction guarantees the rights of all Iranian people from various perspectives, he added.

The scholar however pointed out that some perspectives of rights mentioned in the constitution could not be fully implemented due to some hurdles such as imposed war waged by the slain dictator Saddam against Iran at the sensitive juncture. 

The scholar also explained that three study and research circles have been formed which will analyze Imam’s views at the summit on the topic from philosophical, jurisprudential and law perspectives.

 Elsewhere in his remarks, Ziai Far hailed efforts by the institute for compilation and publication of Imam’s works which is organizing the current summit and had earlier held international conferences such as “Imam Khomeini and human dignity”. 

The two-day summit, which is being held on Wednesday and Thursday in Tehran, will be attended by Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the late founder of the Islamic Republic and several other scholars and intellectual form universities and religious seminaries.

It is notable that the late founder of the Islamic Republic attached great significance to rights as the term and its derivations have been used thousands of times in his messages and works. 

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