Imam Khomeini denounced capitulation, impunity

Imam Khomeini denounced capitulation, impunity

Imam Khomeini strongly denounced the ratification of capitulation law by Shah regime which provided impunity to foreigners, especially the American counselors.

On October 26, 1964, Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, issued a declaration specifying that capitulation right for American counselors and citizens was against Iran’s national sovereignty, and an admission of the country’s being a colony.

Imam also stressed that the act was contrary to Islam and Quran and so invalid.

The Muslim leader also harshly censured enactment of this legislation, which guaranteed impunity for Americans counselors.

This came after capitulation right for Americans was ratified once again by the then Senate and National Consultative Assembly on October 13, 1964.

 Imam Khomeini’s declaration prompted Iranians’ sense of patriotism and sparked a wave of protests against the Pahlavi regime.

The regime was forced to arrest and then exile Imam to Turkey.

Enactment of Capitulation was proposed by the US embassy to Shah regime administration in the early days of 1962. The proposal was approved finally in the then National Consultative Assembly on 13 October 1964.

However, with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, capitulation right and all its extensions were cancelled for ever.

Imam announced to establish an Islamic-democratic system following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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