Colonial powers plundered Iranian resources during Shah regime

Colonial powers plundered Iranian resources during Shah regime

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic interview that colonial powers imposed Shah regime for the sake of their own interests.

The founder of the Islamic Revolution said in the interview with the Lebanese newspaper as-Safir during his stay in exile in Neauphle-le-Chateauthat Shah had turned Iran into a consumption market for the American stuffs.

Imam also stressed that the Pahlavi regime’s policies had seriously harmed Iranian agriculture and several other sectors, and allowed the external powers to plunder Iranian resources.

The interview was conducted some months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution which resulted in collapse of Shah regime in Iran.  

The full text of the historic interview comes as following:


Place: Paris, Neauphle-le-Chateau, Paris, France

The Iranian Revolution, the superpowers and the Zionist regime

Interviewer: A reporter of the Lebanese newspaper as-Safir

Question: Washington considers the Iranian revolution an anti-modernization movement and hence it is opposing it. What is your stance on the US activities against the revolution?

Answer: The United States had once again imposed the Shah through a military coup and in the name of modernization of the country created the American-led Shah's revolution whose result as we witnessed was in the interest of the United States and the destruction of Iran. Iran's agriculture was annihilated and Iran was turned into a market for the consumption of American foodstuff. The underground reserves from oil to copper and other resources were, and are, all plundered to the advantage of the United States and in lieu of them such weapons were given to our country that are not useful for us. Another impediment of the coup was the imposition of more than forty thousand American military advisors on our country. Besides gigantic expenditures, they have undermined the dignity of our army, have vested the destiny of the entire country in their hands and through this very Shah, Iran has become a military base for the United States and with the wealth of the very Iranian nation has turned the Shah into a gendarme of the region and the Persian Gulf. These are but some parts of the atrocities committed by the Shah against our nation. Therefore, why should not Washington launch its activities against our nation?

Q: Do you think that the US intervention is unlikely?

A: The present situation is not short of direct intervention.

Q: There is an animosity against the revolution in international atmosphere. How will the revolution cope with this atmosphere? Will you try to gain the assistance of progressive and Islamic forces?

A: The enemies of the Islamic Revolution are not limited to the imperialists, but the international developments are in the interest of the movement and gradually this revolution will attract its sympathizers and will pave the way for progress.

Q: What is the stance of the retrogressive forces, at the head of them the Saudis, against the revolution?

A: Obviously, the sacred Islamic movement, which has endangered the Shah and is going to eliminate him, is also posing a threat to the reactionary regimes in other Islamic countries. Hence it is natural for them to support the Shah.

Q: Do you expect that some problems will be created for the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the Islamic and Arab world?

A: The enemies of Islam will not spare any effort to destroy this movement, but by the assistance of the Almighty God, the sacred Islamic movement will quickly pave the way and go ahead.

Q: Do you think that the Shah will resort to the issue of minorities and ethnic groups in Iran in order to scatter the Iranian masses?

A: First of all more than ninety percent of the Iranian people are Muslims and the minorities cannot create any problem in the face of their solidarity. Secondly, who has escaped the Shah's oppression to respond to his call today, whether be a Muslim or non-Muslim?

Q: There are some Western rumors that the Iranian revolution relies on Imam's spiritual power, that is, it depends on an individual. Is it correct?

A: If the Iranian movement had relied on an individual or a group in the past, today it sprouts from among the people and stems from their primordial nature. Hence, we believe that in the absence of a particular person, this movement will not die away.

Q: Is the slogan of armed confrontation with the Shah a real and practical slogan?

A: In order to achieve our Islamic demands, nothing is impossible for us.

Q: Is there any new information about Imam Mousa Sadr?

A: Some measures have been taken; we hope that they will yield fruit so that he, who is liked by me and the Shi`ah, rather all the Muslims, of Lebanon,

will be able to go back to his homeland as soon as possible and resume his work.

Q: What are the impacts of the Camp David Accord and Sadat's treason on the Islamic Revolution?

A: The Camp David Accord, or any other measure that strengthens the situation of Israel, is basically not only to the detriment of the Palestinians and Arabs, but also to the detriment of all regional countries and will consequently strengthen the reactionary forces of the region.

Q: Do you have any message for the Arab people?

A: My message for the Arab and Muslim brothers is: let us put the differences aside and shake hands of brotherhood and shoulder-to-shoulder and unanimously with other non-Arab Muslim brothers accept Islam as the only support. Having the immeasurable material resources and more important than them, the divine, intellectual resources, that is, Islam, you can be a force that the superpowers will never think to dominate and will not attack you from the left and right flanks, plundering everything of yours.

Q:What is your opinion about the fate of Quds?

A: Quds belongs to the Muslims and must be returned to them.

Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 78-80

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