Mobilization forces shield Iran against hostile powers

Mobilization forces shield Iran against hostile powers

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once said that the mobilization forces can confront all threats by hostile powers against Iran.

Imam Khomeini through his messages and speeches always advised the members of the volunteer forces, known as Basij, to make themselves skillful and also decorate with divine values and moral excellence.

The late founder of Islamic Republic maintained that millions of Basij members could defend the country in all perspectives.

We bring some phrases from a historic speech of Imam regarding the mobilization forces (Basij) as following:

“We are facing the threats of the United States that is equipped with all sorts of modern weaponry. It is a unique power in the world, but we are equipped with a more powerful weapon than theirs which is our belief in God and Islam. So, we are confronted with a supreme power, which is equipped with both modern weaponry, and satanic powers.”

“ They are also inciting other countries against us and try to mobilize their allies in order to confront our nation. Now they are making propaganda against us everywhere in the world. “

“They are using the world mass media against us. They are, at the same time, threatening us with military intervention. Under such conditions, we should avoid disagreements and disunity. Rather, we should discuss our problems in a calm atmosphere.”

“The youths of a nation should be equipped with both religious and faith weaponry and material weapons.”

“Then such a country would not be vulnerable. Thanks God, now our country is not vulnerable. Now God is our protector. We have risen for God to implement His religion. God is definitely with us.”

“I hope there will be no defeat for us. May God help you all. Please take note of what I have told you. Tell and advise your friends and relatives that today is not the time for dispute. “

Sahifeh-ye-Imam, vol. 11, Page: 98-100

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