Basij is the school of love and the academy of martyrdom: Imam Khomeini

Basij is the school of love and the academy of martyrdom: Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini the great spiritual leader of Muslim world highlights the role and significance of Basij as one of the most indispensable organizations to defend Islam and the Islamic revolution.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful   


Certainly, the formation of the Basīj (the oppressed mobilization forces) in the Islamic Republic of Iran was a blessing favored by God to the dear nation and the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

At the various events, especially the war after the victory of the revolution, there were many institutions and groups that ensured the country and the Islamic Revolution through their sacrifice, sincerity, devotion, and martyrdom. Yet, if we really want to present a perfect meaning of sacrifice, sincerity, devotion and love of God and Islam, was there anyone more deserving than the Basīj? Basīj is a pure and fruitful tree whose blossoms give out the aroma of spring, the freshness of certainty and the story of love. Basīj is the school of love and the academy of martyrdom. Its anonymous martyrs, whose followers have recited on top of its towering minaret the call to martyrdom and valor. Basīj is the locus of the barefooted and ascension of the pure Islamic thought whose trained ones have gained name and fame in having no name and fame…

I always envy the sincerity and purity of the basījīs and pray to God to enlist me among the basījīis. In this world, my honor is to be a basīj. I would like to recall to the honorable nation of Iran and the officials that, whether in war or in peace, the greatest simplemindedness is that we would imagine that the world-devourers, America…, has lifted its hands from us and the dear Islam. We should not be negligent of the trick of the enemies even for a moment…We must be equipped with the powerful arm of patience and faith in order to break the waves of storms and seditions and to thwart the torrent of calamities. All the members of a nation, which is in the line with the pure Muhammadan Islam and opposing the arrogance, money-worship, narrow-mindedness, and sanctimoniousness, must be basījīs (mobilized)…

Today, one of the most indispensable organizations is the student and seminary Basīj. The students of theology and students of universities should exert their utmost efforts in defending the revolution and Islam in their respective centers. My Basījī children in these two centers should be the guards of the unalterable principle of “neither East nor West”…

Ideological issues of the basījīs are on the shoulder of these two academic bastions. The seminary and the university should place the frameworks of the pure Muhammadan Islam at the disposal of all members of the Basīj. The basījīs of the Muslim world should think of the establishment of grand Islamic government. This is possible because Basīj is not only confined to Iran; the nuclei of resistance should brought into being in the entire world, and the East and the West must be confronted…

I kiss the hand of each of you, the forerunners in deliverance. I know that if the officials of the Islamic system would neglect you, they would be burnt in hell. Let me emphasize again that negligence in forming the 20-million-strong army will lead to falling in the snare of the two global superpowers. I extend my gratitude to all the Basījīs, particularly their beloved commanders. I will not be complacent in benevolently praying for these children loyal to Islam. May God make the dear martyrs and anonymous Basīj enjoy the favor of association with the Ahl al-Bayt (the household of the holy prophet) (pbuh). May God bless with health to the dear disabled veterans; may He help the dear prisoners and those missing in action return safely to their homeland and may He increase the grandeur and glory of this sacred and popular institution, which is following the dear Islam and the promised Mahdi (may our souls be ransomed for him. May God’s peace and mercy be upon you.


                              Rūhullāh al-Mūsawī al-Khomeinī 

                              November 23, 1988 [Āzar 2, 1367 AHS / Rabī‘ ath-Thānī 12, 1409 AH]


From Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 21, pp. 189-91

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