Book highlights Imam’s thought on Quranic sciences

Book highlights Imam’s thought on Quranic sciences

A book highlighting Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought on Quranic sciences has been researched by a scholar and published by the institute.

The book written by Mir Farajullah Mir Arab, a university professor, consists of 16 chapters and 246 pages and contains a variety of discussions regarding the relevant subject.

The academic book has been published by Uruj publishing company, which is affiliated to the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.

The scholar touches upon a range of Quranic discussions and believes that Imam Khomeini had paid special attention regarding deep understanding and obstacles to real comprehending of Quran.

It is worthy to mention that Quranic comprehensions from Imam’s works have been recently extracted by a group of researchers and published in five-volume commentary by the institute.

Imam also left an insightful commentary on opening Surah of Quran and pundits say that the great leader of the Muslim world could leave a complete commentary of the whole divine scripture if he had some more time.

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic have left dozens of theological works which cover several fields such as the philosophy, mysticism, poetry and Islamic jurisprudence.

The dynamic thought of the great Imam Khomeini are becoming increasingly popular among scholars, research fellows and masses by passage of times. 

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