Imam directives must be implemented in society

Imam directives must be implemented in society

Imam directives must be implemented in society
Iranian president has stressed those historic recommendations by Imam Khomeini known as 8-articles must be fully implemented in the society.

President Hassan Rouhanimade remarks at a recently held summit under title of “The constitution and citizens’ rights”.

The eight-article recommendations and guidelines guarantee the rights of people from all walks of life and promote the protection of their privacy and civil liberties and freedoms.

The president went onto say that all intellectuals, university professors and artists should undertake serious efforts to promote and boost rights of the citizens.

We had been pursuing the implementation of justice as introduced and practiced by the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successor, Imam Ali (PBUH), following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the president noted.

The president said that the implementation of rights charter for the citizens has been in the interest of all as it could guarantee durable security and stability of the country

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president went onto say that all citizens have been equal before the law and constitution.

He also described eradication of poverty and corruption as some of the main objectives of the Islamic revolution.

On December 13th 1982, Imam Khomeini issued an 8 article command to the authorities of the judiciary system and all execution organizations about changing the regulations to an Islamic form.

The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in this command emphasizes on protecting people’s privacy. Among all of Imam’s messages, his Eight Articled Directives are highly notable.

"No one is allowed to enter another person's house, shop or private workplace without the permission of the owner... in the name of discovering whether crimes or sins have been committed."

Other than protecting people’s privacy, considers both sides of human dignity meaning inherent value and dignity of individuals and stresses on basic and important principles such as preserving human’s dignity in the field of  security.

In the second article, Imam says: “Examining the competence of judges, prosecutors and courts should be done accurate and fast, so that the process of the issues could convert to an Islamic form and people’s right would be undamaged. And in the same way examining the competence of other state employees and officers should be done, with complete neutrality…”

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