Imam’s letter to Gorbachev presented solutions to sufferings

Imam’s letter to Gorbachev presented solutions to sufferings

Imam Khomeini’s historic letter to Mikhail Gorbachev, the former head of Soviet Union contained very deep concepts on spirituality and presented solution to mankind sufferings.

The historic letter, which consists of deep vision, was delivered to Gorbachev by an Iranian delegation headed by Imam’s personal envoy, Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoliin the Russian capital Moscow in early January 1989.

In the letter to the former head of Soviet Union, the founder of the Islamic Revolution had predicted the collapse of communism and warned him against relaying on the Western powers to solve economic problems or other hurdles.

''It is clear to everyone that Communism should henceforth be sought in world museums of political history,'' Imam said, adding,  “Materialism cannot save humanity from the crisis of disbelief in spirituality, which is the basic affliction of human societies in the West and the East.''

Imam Khomeini also invited the then former Soviet leader to pay attention to Islamic teachings and conduct research about Islam as it presents solid solutions to mankind’s sufferings and problems.

 “In conclusion, I declare outright that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the greatest and most powerful base of the Islamic world can easily fill the vacuum of religious faith in your society. In any case, our country honors good neighborhood and bilateral relations as in the past. Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.”

The letter was sent at a sensitive juncture of history when the colonial powers had divided the world into eastern and western blocs.

The occurring and events of latter years proved that Imam’s predictions about the world situation proved true and accurate.

Analysts and pundits still continue to analyze the contents of Imam’s historic letter as it presents accurate solution to human sufferings and a clear answer to prevent the world societies form falling into pits of moral, social and spiritual decline.

Imam Khomeini invited followers of all divine religions to become united to confront the colonial conspiracies and undertake serious efforts to restore rights and dignity to human societies.  

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