Imam Khomeini raised awareness among nations

Imam Khomeini raised awareness among nations

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, once stressed that nations who surrender to others have lost themselves.

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution said in a historic speech that mental, and intellectual dependence upon Western powersis the real source of misfortunes of eastern nations.

Imam Khomeini advised the Iranian nation and other eastern people to make use of their potentials and resources in order to make progress in various arenas.

The text of the historic speech comes as following:


The consequences of being intellectually dependent on the west- a sense of loss of direction in the East

No nation can attain independence unless it should understand itself. Nations are unable to attain independence because they have missed and lost themselves, and surrendered to others instead. It is to a great extent regrettable that our country, which is rich in Islamic culture- has ignored these rights. It follows the West. The West in sight of a class among this nation has posed an appearance as if there were nothing anywhere except the West. In its conjecture there exists no value beyond the West. Such an attachment and dependence- mental, intellectual, and ideal- upon foreign is the real source of misfortunes of the nations, and our nation too.

In every matter that used to happen, the intellect of those at the helm of affairs used to rely on the West. The West was their Jerusalem (as a sacred site) and they were ignorant of themselves. One of the intellectuals among them (at that time) is said to have told that unless we do not make everything English we will not be able to ascend the ladder of progress and perfection. Such were the intellects that were at the head of affairs. And on the other hand the propaganda too was actively run by the West and its followers. Perhaps now too it might be the same. This resulted in turning our intellects into Westerns and the West itself became a Jerusalem to us. Indeed, it takes long time till we get rid of this Westernization implanted in our hearts and minds.

Sahifeh ye- Imam vol12, Page: 5

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