Iranian nation possesses great culture

Iranian nation possesses great culture

The late founder of the Islamic Republic once said in a historic speech that the Iranian nation possess great human culture along with Islamic values.

Imam Khomeini had made remarks while delivering the historic speechsome decades ago among the senior officials and workers from Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance.

Imam stressed that some wrong concepts about culture were spread by some colonial and foreign powers about art, culture and cinema, as these centers were considered as centers of moral corruption during the Pahlavi regime of Shah.

Imam advised the relevant authorities to undertake serious efforts to revive cinema, theater and other art sites to promote genuine Iranian culture and divine Islamic values.

In 1979, the victory of Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini revived the divine values and promoted genuine Islamic culture.

The Islamic-democratic system established by Imam brought prosperity and caused progress across Iran in several fields including culture, art and cinema.

In recent decades, Iranian theater and cinema have produced productive works by observing all religious, moral and cultural obligations following the victory of the revolution.

A large number of Iranian cinema movies have won several international rewards at famous festivals over the past years.

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