Imam Khomeini promoted divine values, justice

Imam Khomeini promoted divine values, justice

A well-known media figure says the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini established and promoted foundations and principles of divine justice.

Seyyed Mostafa al-Bahbahai , who works in Kuwait’s TV programs production department, said that Imam Khomeini had not been an ordinary figure , but a monotheistic personality who acted on patterns of prophets and their infallible successorsto preach divine teachings and raise awareness.

Al-Bahbahai stressed that the Islamic Revolution accomplished ultimate objective as Imam established an Islamic-democratic system.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the reputed figure stressed that the Islamic Revolution was not only for the Muslim nations, but also had been in the interest of all oppressed people because it established strong foundations of divine justice.

He went onto say that the Iranian people deserve appreciation due to their numerous sacrifices and contribution for the victory of Islamic Revolution.

The intellectual concluded by saying that Imam had been a distinguished mystic figure who left several precious theological works such as “Discipline  of prayers” , “secret of prayers” and the “Islamic governance” which contain all deep insightful discussions.

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