Imam Khomeini brought change to world

Imam Khomeini brought change to world

Many pundits believe that Imam Khomeini was an influential political figure who brought about a sea change to the entire world.

Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini started his movement against the anti-Islamic policies of the former Shah in 1963.The movement that resulted in an unprecedented change in the 20th century.

The Islamic revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini at a sensitive juncture of history affected Iran’s political standards and left a lasting impression on the world several spheres including economy, politics, and culture.

People from various walks of life including young students and old grandparents had a strong faith in Imam Khomeini.

Imam Khomeini during tough years of exile continued to guide the popular public uprising against the Pahlavi regime. The great leader of the Muslim world started to promote his message and ideology among Iranian people.

A series of big crowds of people hit the streets in late 1978 calling for the Shah’s abdication, which ultimately ignited the then regime’s implosion. The massive protest rallies forced Shah to fleethe country in January 1979.

Imam Khomeini disembarked from an Air France jet on returning home after more than 14 years in exile, in the Iranian capital, Tehran, February 1, 1979.

Imam’s struggle for the victory of Islamic Revolution has been stretched over several decades.

Imam Khomeini returned to Iran after spending more than 14 years in exile.

Imam Khomeini’s legacy of views and values in life are still being treasured in the region and elsewhere across the globe

Imam established Islamic-democratic system and founded strong institutions in Iran following the historic victory in 1979

Imam took several initiatives for the revival of Palestinian rights and creating unity among Muslims. Some of Imam’s innovations like designating “Unity Week” and “Quds Day” are historical hallmarks that will last and remembered forever.

Many scholars also maintain that the Islamic-Awakening and ongoing awareness among various nations of the world are directly or indirectly inspired by Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought and ideals.

Imam Khomeini, who revived divine values and restored dignity to Muslims in contemporary era, strongly believed in the Shia-Sunni unity. “Unity Week,” as one of his innovations, is an opportunity for promoting unity and solidarity between Sunnis and Shia Muslims.

This is while the Quds day, as another innovation by Imam Khomeini, is when people all over the world cry out their resentment against Zionists and brutal regime of Israel which has been busy in committing crimes and atrocities against the Palestinian people.

The founder of the Islamic Republic voiced support for artistic and cultural activities following the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran made significant progress in several spheres, technological fields and Cultural institutions like cinemas, theaters, televisions also saw swift growth and advancement

Imam Khomeini adopted very simple life as he opted to live in a very simply-built residence which has now become a site for visit by thousands of pilgrims, tourists and intellectual form across Iran and various parts of the globe.


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