Imam Khomeini established Islamic Republic, promoted democracy

Imam Khomeini established Islamic Republic, promoted democracy

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution established the Islamic-democratic system and promoted the rule of law.

Imam tried hard to make people aware of the importance of a referendum, which appointed the type of government people wanted and announced their opinion with regards to an Islamic republic.

Imam Khomeini had frequently repeated the following in his historic messages and speeches: "You are free to vote for anything you want. I myself will vote for an Islamic Republic."

Finally on Friday the 30th of March 1979 the people voted. The leader of the revolution voted during the early hours of the day. The polls showed that 98% of the people voted for an Islamic republic.

On the 1st of April the Imam congratulated the people for their choice and officially announced the establishment of an Islamic republic.

Four days later the Imam formed a constitutional assembly in order for the constitutional laws to be discussed and approved.

Other measures the Imam took were: to order a committee to be formed to help those in need and to open up a bank account with the number 100 as the account number. This account was for those who needed homes and shelters.

The developments come as Iranians are marking the Islamic Republic Day, the day when, 38 years ago, an Islamic republic was officially declared in the country based on the results of a referendum.

38 years ago, Iranians overwhelmingly voted for the establishment of that political system in the historic referendum. An Islamic republic was officially declared in the country based on the results of a referendum.

Farvardin 12, 1358, according to the Persian calendar, (March 30, 1979) is seen as the most important day to follow the victory of the country’s Islamic Revolution three months earlier.

Over 98 percent of Iranians voted “yes” to an Islamic republic in the referendum in 1979. The historic day fell on Saturday this year.

Following the voting results were in, the country broke into a state of jubilation, and Imam Khomeini, declared the Republic’s inception. The nation under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, overthrew the US-backed monarchical Pahlavi regime. 

The Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini put Iran on track of progress, changed the balance of power in the region, strengthened the oppressed nations and confronted the aggressive policies of colonial powers around the globe. 

Upon the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of Imam, sense of responsibility developed in the realm of politics and turned into the source of legitimacy and strength.

Undoubtedly, the historic referendum played a decisive role in determination of the fate and destiny of the country. 

At the very sensitive juncture of history, Imam Khomeini recommended the relevant authorities that all means must be resorted to organize the referendum immediately after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Imam established the Islamic-democratic system based on religious values and the aspirations of the mass public. 

It is notable that several individuals and officials had asked Imam to hold vote at a later suitable stage as people have demonstrated their trust at his leadership during massive rallies in support of the Islamic Revolution. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic had frequently stressed the massive participation of people in all fields, including political, cultural and cultural affairs. 

Imam had always sought people massive participation in all crucial decisions of state as a vital. 

Iran has held several presidential, parliamentary and Assembly of Experts votes over the nearly past four decades following the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

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