Imam Khomeini, the leader of the contemporary Muslim world, stressed freedom for the oppressed nation during Nowruz, which commences the beginning of spring.

Imam sought to revive rights of oppressed nations during Nowruz

Imam Khomeini, the leader of the contemporary Muslim world, stressed freedom for the oppressed nation during Nowruz, which commences the beginning of spring.

Imam Khomeini through his historic speeches and messages also highlighted the need to confront the aggressive policies of vicious colonial powers who were exploiting other developing countries.

The Nowruz, which marks the beginning of the New Year, and spring, is rebirth of nature. Imam also stressed spiritual transformation during such auspicious days. 

The late founder of the Islamic revolution recommended the Iranian nation to undertake serious efforts for national progress, solving social and economic problems and maintenance of the rule of law.

One of Imam’s historic speech delivered on the occasion of Nowruz comes as following:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Defeat of the world-devourers, the auspicious day

I wish all the world Muslims and the oppressed nations that are under the pressure of the superpowers, as well as the noble combatant Iranian nation, a happy New Year. Greetings upon this alert and aware nation that has put in all its efforts in combating the big powers that are at arms against it! And today, in this New Year, you stand just as united as you did at the onset of this movement. I hope that you will continue to share an ever-increasing brotherhood and a unity of purpose and defensive spirit.

The day on which our oppressed nation as well as the other oppressed nations will succeed in gaining freedom from the world-devourers will prove to be an auspicious one. The day on which all the nations of the world will take the reins of their destinies into their own hands! And when all the governments wake up and see that despite all our manpower and our vast lands and great natural resources we have not acted according to the commands of Islam which fosters a pact of brotherhood among all the Muslims of the world »1« and invites all of us to cling on to the" rope of God"] habl Allah [ »2« and to follow the path of Islam.

And I wish that in this new year, too, our nation and our government, and all our officials and the personnel of our armed forces and our statesmen, all share brotherly relations. The Holy Qur'an refers to this great blessing as the" blessing of brotherhood" which protects the ummah from all kinds of problems. I am hopeful that this spirit of mutual brotherhood prevails throughout this New Year and that everyone cooperates in forwarding the interests of the country and in severing the hands of the big powers from their country. I wish that all the world Muslims pay heed to the verses of the Glorious Qur'an that stress upon the unity of the Muslims, inviting them to cling to the" habl Allah" which truly is Islam. And I hope that they shall all unite propitiously under the banner of Islam and under the luminous commands of God Almighty and succeed in severing the hands of the big powers that do not care for anything but their own interests, plundering off the resources of the weak nations. I also wish that the Islamic nations and the Islamic governments strive toward unity, brotherhood, and equality.

The year of brotherhood in faith and unity of expression

Governments should abstain from any thoughts of dominating and suppressing their own nations; and the nations should refrain from neutralizing the efforts of their governments. And especially so, if they revert to the principles of Islam and give importance to Islamic laws, like the peoples of Iran who share a friendly affinity with the government and all its bodies such that neither do the government bodies seek to assert themselves or to dominate over the peoples and nor does the nation intend to indulge in actions that would neutralize the efforts of the government. Everyone is united and everyone is, God willing, striving to lead this country to progress and no one will permit the powers that are lying in wait along with their internal agents to succeed in achieving their devious aims.

We hope that this year proves to be the year of brotherhood in faith and unity of expression like it was at the onset of this movement. Needless to say, this spirit already does exist- with the grace of God Almighty- and I hope that it grows from strength to strength. All the people of this nation should show a readiness to serve Islam and this Islamic country so that this year proves to be a fresh and auspicious one in which the victory of Islam becomes a reality with the will of God through which all the official religious minorities in this country, too, can live a prosperous and peaceful life under the Islamic government.

Governmental efforts for national progress

May this country be freed from all the evil effects of the war imposed upon it by Saddam who is an agent of the superpowers! All our people should know that the conditions that our country is facing today are the inevitable effects of a war that has been imposed upon us by our enemies. The government is putting in all its efforts to manage the country and to ensure public welfare even though the war has taken its own toll. I recall, in

Qum, in the days during which the allied forces had occupied Iran, almost all the bakeries had been forced to close down and the country had been hit by a war famine. And I remember walking one day toward the end of the occupation, with a child who was accompanying me, who on laying his eyes on some bread after a long time, suddenly exclaimed," Look bread"! All of you know that we are currently engaged in an imposed war; and that, too, a war against all the big powers that have forced economic sanctions upon us for quite some time now. However, thanks to the efforts of the nation and the government, the people here do enjoy a relative state of welfare. I am hopeful that this war shall end soon with the victory of the armies of Islam over kufr so that this nation, by the will of Allah, can live in prosperity and welfare.

May God Almighty change the states of our hearts and our vision and grant us the luminosity to be able to see things clearly for what they are! There are elements that wish to dampen the spirits of this nation through their detrimental propaganda claiming that nothing having been done in this nation and that this regime is just like the previous one. They keep focusing upon weaknesses and criticize the existing economic situation. They are, however, overlooking the fact that all our energies have, in fact, been channeled in the past two years toward preventing the big powers and their agents from interfering in our affairs and from suppressing this nation. Moreover, the development that has taken place during these two years in this country has been far greater than what was done during the last fifty years. Of course, the blind-hearted people do not take all this into account and simply claim that this government is incapable and that a nation cannot be governed on the basis of Islamic principles, in spite of the fact that it is only because of these Islamic principles that all the people of this country are standing in unity and are not allowing the ill-effects of war to escalate.

Year of the rule of the law

I am hopeful that God Almighty will make this year the year of mercy, blessings, purity, brotherhood, and equality and that the entire nation and the government and all the officials shall unite together and collectively lead this country toward prosperity and welfare and succeed in fulfilling all the needs of this nation; and confront any kind of transgression, which are part and parcel of all revolutions; and I hope that in this current year, our country proves to firmly establish the rule of the law. Everyone should abide by the law and no one should transgress it. No one should act against the law and everyone should act within their own limits.

May welfare and prosperity prevail over all the Muslims, and particularly the peoples of Iran and Iraq, and may this fountainhead of all corruption be destroyed and may the Muslims of Iran and Iraq be liberated by the will of God!

And may Palestine be liberated by the will of God and may the Bayt al-Muqaddas, which is the mosque of all the Muslims, be restored to its original condition and may God eliminate all those who oppress the Muslim peoples!

May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Date: March 21, 1891] Farvardin 1, 0631 AHS/ Jamadi al-Awwal 41, 1041 AH [

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Subject: Hoping for unity among world Muslims; governmental endeavors for overcoming problems; rule of the law in the country

Occasion: Onset of the Iranian New Year (Nourouz) 1360 AHS

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